Albert Swayhoover Online Gallery
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paintings shown on these pages are representative of Albert Swayhoover's work over his long
career. Email the gallery at sandpaint 2 to be notified when the updated site is
"Annisquam Light"
"Peg Leg Cove"
"Shaker Mill Farm "
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Award winning  oil paintings of the sea & shore, in the
impressionist style. Done only with painting knives. Paintings
of old houses by the sea and wind blown marshes. Harbors
with sail boats and row boats, fishing shacks and old docks.
Lighthouses on rocky shores with stormy skies. Sand dunes
and wooden fences, farms in the snow and rural scenes.
Paris cafés' and gardens, and  sunny Mediterranean ports.
We are sad to announce
the passing of  Albert
1931 - 2017